Interactive Music Video Games for Adults

People love playing video games, and rightfully so. They can be rather entertaining and quite frankly, promote various things, from learning, to trigger reactions, to even intellect growth. They can also be a good way to relax and entertain. Besides playing games, people usually look for Betfair Sign Up Offer as the other way of entertainment.

What if you mix music and video games? Do you get a winning combination? Well, it depends on the video game. Here are a couple of video games which you will love if you love music, or specific instruments.

Audiosurf – 1 and 2

Both the first and second versions of Audiosurf are amazing. Audiosurf is a video game where you get to ride your own music. What this means is that the game uses its own code to interpret a song and create a track out of the song. The song is then played and you are basically riding your music.

There are plenty of modes, some of them where you do nothing, and others where you need to collect colored blocks while avoiding blacks. You can also match colors like you are playing tetris. There are 3 lanes, for most of the modes, so you have lots of room to maneuver.

There is also a two player mode, with six lanes and a possibility to get better scores if you match the colored blocks throughout the entire six lanes. There is also a high score ladder for each song, so you can even compete with others online. It is one of the most interactive video games, especially given that you can use your own music.

Rocksmith – Whichever Version

Rocksmith is a video game/tool for learning guitar and bass. It has plenty of official tracks as well as the option to add your own custom tracks. You can repeat riffs and play the songs part by part, increasing in difficulty each time you master a part. The game, or rather, tools, is very good for learning music on the guitar and bass. The great thing about it is that you have mini, arcade games which you can play whenever you like, to hone your guitar skills like sliding, playing chords or scales. Each game is different in its own regard, for example, killing zombies with chords. 

Rock Band

This game is more of a fun game. Yes, you still get to play music, sort of. You also get to do it with your friends and form a rock band. You can go on tour and have a career. It is a very interesting game to play if you want to have lots of fun with your friends. If you have the plastic instruments with the buttons, then you can really get into the whole band thing. With the interactive audience and record deals, the feeling of being in a successful band is transferred quite well. Music is about having fun, after all, right?

These are some of the best video games which you can play which have music as one of their primary gameplay aspects. There are more of them, yet these are the top ones.

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