Weird Instruments You Can Use to Make Music

We all know of the popular instruments such as the piano, or the guitar. But what about the niche instruments which have also been used throughout the years to make some of the most interesting music? Well, there certainly are lots of them and here they are, in no particular order or ranking.

Tesla Coils

Well, Tesla did proppel the world in a new direction and it is only fitting that musicians, well, rather, electrical engineers with a passion for music, are paying him back by playing some of the most popular songs on Tesla coils.

There have been a couple of renditions of popular songs on Tesla coils. The first that comes to mind has to be the House of the Rising Sun by the Animals, played by engineers Steve Caton and Eric Goodchild.

The second song which comes to mind is the Ghostbusters movie theme, played by engineer Fabrizio Francoli. Tesla probably did not have that in mind, but he certainly would have enjoyed it.

Fruits and Vegetables

There are so many videos of people playing popular songs using vegetables. The first thing that comes to mind is the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, who use various fruits and vegetables to make their own music. When the time of the year is right, they pick carrots and make them into flutes.

Cabbages are often used as instruments, and a YouTuber named Junji Koyama used it to play Amazing Grace. He also used other vegetables over the years, and played various music with them.

Leaves are also used to play music.

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes, like any other pipes, can be used to make instruments, albeit on the cheaper side. PVC is not really that expensive. So, a YouTuber who is actually a musician called Snubby J, used PVC pipes to make a rather complex pipe instrument which he named the RimbaTubes. These tubes are used to make various covers of songs, for example the Star Wars theme, not to mention Beethoven, even.

Musical Saws

This is actually a widely used instrument nowadays. Many people are vowed by it, but it has been around for over a century. The musical saw is a simple, metal saw used to cut wood, but bent with one hand and played with a bow which you would use on a violin or even a violoncello. The notes produced are very distinct and unlike anything else. There are plenty of artists today who play the saw, would you believe it.

These are some of the most interesting instruments you can play today, and even better, to listen to when played by professionals. People are creative so we will likely be seeing and hearing more in no time at all.

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