Enjoy Festivals the Eco-Friendly Way – Camping!

Camping may seem to be automatically a \’green\’ activity but not all campers are as eco-friendly as they could be. Here are some tips to ensure you are camping in an eco-friendly manner:

Go for Pre-Loved Gear

There is no need to buy all your gear new. Look at second-hand stores, freecycle, and ask your friends and family if they have any equipment they are not using. 

If it Needs Power, Leave it Behind

That includes radios, pumps for mattresses (use a foot pump instead), and stuff like portable DVDs players or tablets. Rather spend your time reading a book or listening to nature. The exceptions, for safety reasons, would have to be a flashlight and cell phone.

Reusable or Biodegradable

If you are bringing reusable cutlery just remember to use biodegradable soap for dish cleaning time. Another option is to use biodegradable options, but remember these degrade best on a compost heap, so take it (along with your trash) back with you at the end of the event!

Carbon Emissions

If your campsite is far, the emissions from your vehicle could outdo any good from the camping. Best go camping in places close to home, or share transport with friends.


Choose a campsite that is already fairly level, so you don’t have to make any changes and level out the ground. This will help you leave the area just as you left it. Try to avoid banks of lakes and rivers, as these have a more fragile ecosystem.


Cooking over a wood fire is the most eco-friendly option. Bring your firewood with you (choose wood that comes from the clearing of an invasive species, for instance) and move to a spot away from dry grass, bushes, or anything else flammable. Pour water on the fire at the end and stir the ashes to ensure the flames are properly out.

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