Why Some People Dislike Concerts – Concerts are not For Everyone

Large musical events attract lots of people. Concerts, especially those of famous artists and bands, tend to attract lots of visitors. Some people thrive in such an environment. Others, well, others enjoy a more quiet environment, listening to music at home or reading books online.

Not only that, while some people find music enjoyable, they would rather spend their time doing different things, from hiking, working out, to visiting cultural heritage sites, as opposed to music festivals. Music can be listened to while travelling. Concerts are not for all music lovers. Here are a couple of reasons people dislike going to concerts.

Too Many People – Bordering on Agoraphobia

The fear of squares, or rather, the fear of being near a lot of people is a very real and common fear. On the other hand, some people simply dislike being near that many people, especially when they want to listen to their favorite artist perform. If someone starts singing out of tune, that can be very annoying. People can ruin a concert, or any other event, in so many ways. In whichever way the event is ruined for you, it doesn’t really matter. If something annoys you, then avoid it. If concerts annoy you because of the crowds, then listen to the audio recordings on YouTube. Most are uploaded the day after, some even sooner.

Too Many Problems – Tickets, Accommodation, Bathrooms

Getting a ticket to some concerts is a very difficult thing. People often just give up or pay prices which are more than double their initial value. Some concerts are a hassle even if you get your ticket on time and if you have a seat reserved. People are still going to take it if they feel like it.

Unless you are feeling confrontational, you will just have to take another person’s seat. That can lead to other problems down the line.

Concerts also leave you standing for a long time, because they often do not start on time. But not only that, concerts also tend to have some of the worst bathrooms ever. Yes, some arenas have great bathrooms, but only at the start of the concert. Wait for a while and see whether you’re brave enough.

Outdoor Events – Weather Makes or Breaks a Concert

When you are visiting an event which is outdoors, then you are at the mercy of climate change. Some weather changes can be so violent that you end up soaked in a matter of seconds. Not all concerts are entertaining in the rain, not in downpours, at least. Plenty of concerts had to be stopped due to weather hazards.

Whether any of the reasons mentioned above of just for the sake of comfort and listening to music from the comfort of your bedroom, some people simply dislike going to concerts. There surely must be plenty more reasons as to why someone would not go to a concert, but these are probably the most common ones. Sometimes, it is better to just sit one out.

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