A Solar-Powered Music Festival – The Future is Here

Music festivals, like other events, take up a lot of energy. If you are going to spend energy, you might as well try and use a renewable source of energy and make things easier on the planet, right?

Well, if the entire world thought so, music festivals would be fewer and rarer and the admission tickets would be astronomically more expensive than they are today. The problem with using renewable energy is that the initial investments are really, really expensive and that you need a lot more capital to start the festival or activity than you would with conventional energy, cables and generators included, if necessary.

This is why the Weayaya Solar-Powered Festival is that much more important to the world. It is not just about having artists play music, it is about sending a message that we can do this, and not just once, but 7 years in a row, successfully.

The Weayaya Music Festival Origins

Such a festival needs to have its origins somewhere, as do all great ideas. It starts with the very word Weayaya which is Sioux for setting sun. This can be translated to many things but in this case, it means a new start, or rebirth, if you like.

The festival takes place in Alberta, Canada. The location is marked on Google Maps and it is often a bit difficult to find otherwise. Their official site has instructions on how to get to the festival from various prominent locations.

The festival has been around for 7 years, with no signs of stopping. 

What Kind of Music Can You Expect?

A little bit of everything can be heard at the Weayaya festival. If you prefer someone popular, then this festival is not the kind you should visit. It promotes local talent with the idea that local talent should get the exposure they otherwise might not get.

Practical Information

The festival has a camping ground with a food truck. Given that there are no generators there, due to philosophy difference, you are encouraged to bring your own food and necessary equipment to prepare your own meals and eat snacks. They have Beer Garden, where you will be able to purchase locally made beverage, beer and wine and liquor. There are of course, facilities for washing up, as well as toilets.

The Weayaya festival shows us that anything can be done with enough persistence and enough people willing to invest their time and effort into making something work. With that being said, it will hopefully inspire more festivals around the world to adopt a similar approach, at least step by step, if not immediately. For now, the Weayaya festival remains a small beacon of hope in the Alberta wilderness.

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