Interesting Ways Music Affects Our Brains – Can Music Change Us?

People listen to music on various occasions. Plenty of those are when we are in a good mood. Sometimes, when we are in a bad mood, we also listen to music, whether to feel better or just to drown ourselves in that one emotion which is dominant at the moment.

But, music also affects us differently, as it can sometimes distract us, and at other times, it can give us focus. Can music affect us in another way? Well, here are some examples of the ways music can influence our brains.

Music Which Improves Focus and Creativity

Working can sometimes be very annoying and difficult. Doing stuff like writing and programming can lead to mental blocks. Listening to music can help overcome those blocks. Ambient music comes in to save the day. That is why many companies play music for their employees and why so many people who work on their own play music while working. Some music can help a lot, like ambient music, but music with lyrics or very upbeat music, can distract us, even.

Music Can Improve Our Sense of Rhythm

This one should be obvious, music does indeed improve our sense of rhythm. This can be very beneficial, both for musicians who want to take up dancing or dancers who want to take up music. It can also be used to help people who have poor balance. The part of the brain which is responsible for music is often very emotional, as opposed to the parts which are reserved for balance and motor control. Music therapy has plenty of benefits, and motor skills and rhythm are just a couple of them.

Music Can Train Our Ears

Most of us are very visual people. We think with our eyes and primarily use them for a sense of balance. This is why blind people have a much better sense of hearing. They can hear things we cannot, or will hear them much quicker. Attuned ears can do a lot, like match notes almost perfectly. Granted, that can be worked on and trained, and music is essential to train our ears. That can have many benefits, for the more we know the more creative we get in finding solutions and acting when necessary.

Music Can Improve Our Mood – Literally

Listening to music can improve our mood, literally. Listening to music we like releases chemicals in the brain, namely dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter, something essential for motivation. Even when listening to sad music, we are often left feeling better after listening to it, especially if there is something about the music that we loved. Favorite songs randomly being played literally triggers a dopamine reaction. Playing songs with someone you else, while you both are enjoying the music can improve your relationship and create a bond between you.

Music Can Make Us Into Better People

Music can do all sorts of things and making us into better people is one of these things. Yes, music has been shown to promote social activities between people and to promote kindness and empathy. Even children who are barely older than a year have been shown to respond kindly to others when listening to music they like. For adults, that is just more emphasized. 

Music can affect our brain in so many ways. Our motor skills can be improved and so can our senses of hearing and balance. Likewise, music can help us be more creative and even kinder to one another. Music can also help us feel better, even when we just randomly hear one of the songs we like. Music might not solve everything, but it is very helpful and beneficial for us.

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