How to Discover New Music – Music for Everyone

Music is something we all love listening to. Even after listening to the same song for at least a hundred times, many of us do not tire of the song. But, listen to it for the thousandth time and it might very well be far too much. In that case, new music, new artists, bands and genres is what we need to reignite the passion and find another favorite to listen to for many, many times. If you want to find new music to listen to, here are a couple of ways you could do it.


Laugh if you want, but YouTube has so much music that you will unlikely ever be able to listen to all of the songs. With that out of the way, their recommendation system could use lots of work, but, if you hit a single genre you like, you will likely find more songs from the same artist or related artists which you might end up liking. Since YouTube is free and you can listen to the songs and albums forever, you are more likely to find something here, provided that you give the site some input of your own. It can go pretty far away from the starting genre with its recommendations.


This has been one of the favorite sites of many people who wanted to discover indie and alternative music. The reason for this is that they allow high quality uploads, and that their premium plans are not that expensive. Today, SoundCloud is a bit different than before, but you can still find good artists and music here, without a doubt.

Online Reviews

If you want to find a good album, artist or song, you might as well start with online reviews. These reviews might get some things wrong and some right, but they usually point in the right direction. Music is pretty subjective but reviews can actually get a couple of things right, the tone of the album and the genre of the music. Plenty of albums which fans love are often hated by critics.

Huge Playlists

Another way to find songs you might enjoy is to look up playlists and not just on YouTube. Some sites like RollingStone have a best of almost everything. You are most likely going to find a song you enjoy on their playlists. Likewise, search Reddit for such playlists. Reddit can be a gold mine for music. There are certainly more than enough subreddits so you will likely find the one you like, and find good recommendations there.

Online Radios

There are plenty of free online radio sites you can listen to. Streaming is free on most of them, so you should be able to get decent quality for the price of nothing. Most of these sites have plenty of genres so you can actually tune in to a station you like. Well, there will be no tuning, just pressing a single button.

These are just a couple of ways you can find new music online. Ask around, find review sites, look for recommendations and play YouTube and various radios. If that fails, you can ask actual people for recommendations, starting from your friends. People are keen on sharing their musical experiences so you should have no problems finding someone to recommend you something.

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