Different Uses of Music – Music is Used Everywhere

Music, something we consciously listen to on most occasions. More often than not, we listen to music even when we are not aware, as it is nowadays almost everywhere. Moments of silence are rare, and that is because we have technology which allows us to have music in everything, from advertisements to even simple things like introductions to podcasts. Here is how music is used and where, the places we are not aware of.

Sporting Events

Everyone who has ever watched a game of football has heard of Queen’s We Will Rock You at least once. That is just a single song, played everywhere, on all sporting events, if you ask some people. On the other hand, stadiums today have a pretty good sound system so to make people feel at ease during pauses in gameplay, music is played almost all the time. During gameplay, there is no music, especially for some more silent sports like tennis or snooker. You are very likely to hear music being played at a sporting event, however, so prepare yourself.

Casinos and Bookmakers

Casinos always have some music on, whether a local radio station or a selected playlist, or even live music. Casinos have music on for a single purpose, to keep their customers relaxed and in a comfortable state of mind. Silence can be really heavy when you are losing. Bookmakers often have music on because it is simply nice. People often watch matches at a bookmaker and await the results to see whether they have won anything. Either way, you are likely to find music in almost any casino or bookmaker.

Modern Elevators

Elevators have had music since the 1980s. The type of music changed, however. It used to be classical music and arrangements of popular tracks of the period. But, the music changed to what we know today as pop, meaning whoever is at the top of the charts. That tends to change with every week, so if you didn’t know any of the artists and are a frequent elevator user, you will certainly find about them.

Stores, Stores and Stores

Stores everywhere are playing music now. If you go to your local supermarket, you will hear either a radio or something similar playing. If you go to a large retailer, for example, a technology store, you will likely hear popular music playing. Even car dealers have songs on and people have got used to it. Music is being played in almost every store, everywhere.

Private Clinics

While hospitals might not have music on, private clinics surely do. Private clinics have music all the time, especially in waiting rooms. The music being played there, however, is quite calm compared to what you might hear in a store or in a casino. Patients need to keep calm while they are waiting for their meeting with the doctor. 

Bars and Restaurants

This might seem common, but the music is always on in a bar or restaurant. In fact, when the music is not on, we immediately notice it. With that in mind, it is surely noticeable when there is music on, compared to when there is no music on. Bars and restaurants tend to get the music wrong sometimes, or loudness of the music.

These are but some locations where music is played and we are often unaware of it.

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