Does Music Help Us Exercise? – Is Workout Music Helpful?

Music is something we play on an almost daily basis with the idea of making us feel more relaxed or even more pumped up, depending on what we need to do. People often listen to music while exercising. Why is that? Is it simply because they like the music or is there something else, something that can actually make us do more than we are used to, more than those 5 repetitions, perhaps a sixth one? Well, yes and no, actually, it depends.

Music as a Motivator

Music can motivate people to do more. Not just when working out, but also when working in general. People often play ambient music when working, just to fill in the gaps which would otherwise be filled with silence, loud breathing or the sound of air conditioning working during a hot, summer day.

Music can give us that motivation which we need to push for another repetition, for another set, even. These things count in the long run, and even during that single workout day. The reason they count is because we not only end up doing more work, but also because we end up with more motivation and confidence, which will carry over into the next day, and so on and so forth.

Music as a Rhythmical Base

Some sports require music as a base for rhythm, like aerobic or tae bo. With music in the background, a stable rhythm can be established and all exercises can be done according to that rhythm, making things more like a crossover between a difficult dance choreography and a workout rather than just a workout. With music, we can do more without focusing on the pain and the difficulty of the exercise. Music can take away some of the pain and difficulty, making things bearable, if not easier.

Music as a Simple Pleasure

However you put it, if you like to listen to music and prefer doing so while working out, there is nobody who could or should stop you. You should do what you enjoy. If you get good vibes and a positive attitude from listening to music, then by all means, continue to do so. If you see more progress when listening to music, or it helps you focus, then therein lies the answer. If the music being played is not to your liking, then either change it or try a different gym.

Whichever way you put it, music does something to us, whether by motivating us in a positive or negative way, or by giving us the necessary focus or by providing us with rhythm. It helps during exercising and during working hours. It is an essential part of human existence.

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