Eco-friendly on a Budget

One of the reasons people resist the eco-friendly movement is that they think it will be too expensive to follow. However, there are steps you can take to be more eco-friendly, that are also budget-friendly 

Shop Smart 

Buying all your fruits and vegetables organic would be a neat idea, but it is not necessary to get the benefits of organic. The environmental Working Group developed a list called the ‘dirty dozen’. These fruits and veggies are the ones that absorb the most chemicals from pesticides, and so it’s best to buy them organic. Look it up! 

Grow Your Own

What is better than tossing a salad full of home-grown ripe tomatoes, dark green lettuce, and crunchy cucumbers? While it does take some time to set up, it can be worth it knowing that the veggies you are eating aren’t covered in pesticides.

Change Your Lights

Switch out your old lightbulbs for newer LEDs. LEDs are far more energy efficient and last for up to 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs. LEDs use only a fraction of energy compared to what incandescent use.

Burn Less Fuel

If you are making errand that isn’t too far away, walk or cycle rather. Join a lift club to get to work so you and your colleagues are using just one car instead of four. And a bonus tip – if you keep your tyres inflated you can improve your petrol mileage by up to 3.3%


There are many ‘throwaway’ items we use on a day-to-day basis that can be replaced with multi-use items quite easily. Instead of paper towels, use sponges or rags. Instead of disposable razors, use reusable ones that just need the blades replaced. Use cloth napkins instead of paper – it has the added effect of making meals feel fancier! And instead of just throwing the newspaper in the trash once you’ve finished reading it, use for in your garden under mulch, as wrapping paper, or even to line a litter box.

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