The Most Famous Music Festivals in the World

People love listening to music. Some prefer putting a headset on and listening in the comfort of their own bed. Others, well, they prefer to hear the music loud and clear, so loud that their own thoughts seem like distant echoes. You get to hear loud music on music festivals.

The world has a history of great music festivals from the legendary Woodstock festival to the Live Aid, which still has one of the best live shows to date, Queen.

Today, there are so many music festivals all over the world. Here is a list of the most famous music festivals you can visit.


This festival is a paradise for hippies and people who love getting down and dirty. It is the UK’s largest festival and has headline acts from every genre. You want pop, you have it. Rock, metal, techno, reggae, dubstep and even folk music. If you want to visit a festival that has it all, then look up Somerset in your map application and bookmark it. If you missed it this year, chances are that you will want to visit it the next year.

Montreux Jazz Festival

A famous song goes something like this:”We all came down to Montreux, on the Lake Geneva shoreline.” Deep Purple was the headline act of this festival 9 times. It was once a jazz festival only, but today, it has quite a few bands and artists, from blues and soul to of course, jazz. It housed very large jazz names as well as popular rock names. The festival lasts for two weeks. Have that in mind if you thought that you only had to be absent for a weekend.


If you want to go to the United States and visit a festival, then this is the festival you shouldn’t miss out on. Held in sunny California, prepare your sun tan and cool vibes, because this festival has everything. Popular artists are almost always a must, and by popular we mean the absolute peak of popularity at the time. There are also plenty of upcoming talents, artists which have already started to dominate YouTube with their music. This is one festival which is worth spending your time and money to fly to, especially if you are not from the United States.


Okay, you might have to choose between two festivals in the United States. This one is in Chicago in the Grant Park. The festival covers such a large area that you might have trouble finding things if not for the music and the huge crowd of people, all moving around from one stage to the next. The interesting bit is that people often continue the party once the festival is over, going into Chicago’s clubs. One can only last for so long.

Fuji Rock

You know, Mount Fuji, the large volcano in Japan? Yes, that is where the festival is being held and for those who dislike trekking, there is a cable car which you can use. For the more adventurous and those prone to walking and endurance runs, you can hike up to the festival. It is a relatively clean festival, with lots of accommodations for its attendees.

These are some of the world’s most famous and interesting music festivals you can visit every year. 

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