Solar Panels for Home Use

Solar panels at home can be a fantastic way of using clean energy and lowering costs, but before going out and forking money on equipment, make sure you have enough sun, enough space to set up the equipment needed for a solar home set-up, and in some cases the legal permits that may apply in your area of residence. 

This information will best be sought from a solar panel supplier near you – as different units and models cost different amounts and will need different types of care. The important thing to keep in mind is to do your research first as this can save you a lot of money… And headache.

Some Considerations

1. Do you have an unobstructed sunlight on your roof, and are there big buildings on either side that will affect the amount of sunlight you will receive?

2. Solar units can take up quite a bit of space and it will be best to ensure you have more than enough for them, either on your roof or on your property.

3. Are you sure it will not cost you more money? Do the calculations and see whether it is best for you.

4. Find out what the laws are in your area around solar power.

Solar energy units are also termed photovoltaic systems – they are devices that use the energy from sunlight either direct or partial and generate electricity from them. To determine whether you have enough sunlight you will need a specialist or local supplier to carry out an analysis of the sunlight where you are situated or demonstrate to you how you can perform your own tests. Solar panels should not just be laid flat onto the roof but you should take steps in order to get the most energy available out of your panels by also considering the angle at which they lay. This will depend on where the sun rises and sets and its path during the days.

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